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BuildingPoint Pacific is providing planning services for Kelly Slater Wave Company

April 2017-BuildingPoint Pacific was selected by Kelly Slater Wave Company—creators of the longest rideable open-barrel man-made surfing wave in the world—to support their team with project planning. Don Rote of BPP is pleased to announce the new business relationship and is excited to be involved with such an innovative company. Surfing in Southern California is a way of life for many people and to have the opportunity to embrace new technology to expand the reach of this sport is very gratifying.

BuildingPoint Pacific is your authorized distribution partner in California and Hawaii for the Trimble Buildings portfolio. With two convenient locations in Northern and Southern California, BuildingPoint Pacific is part of the first fully dedicated Trimble network offering building construction technology solutions across the Design-Build-Operate (DBO) lifecycle. Our experienced professionals at BuildingPoint Pacific have 20+ years of history working with the Trimble portfolio of products; they understand how to solve a variety of building contractors’ construction challenges.

Kelly Slater Wave Company, LLC (KSWC) is the world’s leading designer of recreational surfing systems, and the only company to create a surf-able overhead barreling wave in a man-made environment. Based on proprietary wave-making technology and industry-leading research, KSWC intends to design and build wave systems throughout the world.

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