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Primavera P6 Tips and Techniques

Scott Carrico, Scheduler at BuildingPoint Pacific shares his tips and techniques when working with Primavera P6 Scheduling tool.

During a Primavera P6 training class this month, a student asked me: “If a client wants to see the difference in the construction schedule between an 8-hour work week and a ten-hour work week how can we show that if our durations are in days? Can I change an activity from an 8-hour workday to a 10-hour workday in my schedule?" We had a long discussion on how schedules are used and created by all the stakeholders and how a project manager or superintendent should set up the schedule to be most useful as the project progresses. As a background note about Primavera P6, most planner and schedulers will set their default durations to days but the software calculates all durations in hours and minutes.

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