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Facilities Mapping

Facilites Mapping


Facilities Mapping leads to great flexibility in collecting, accessing, displaying, and analyzing indoor spatial data. This data can be used in many different ways, including security, space utilization, modernization, maintenance, and restoration planning. Products like TIMMS, Trimble’s Indoor Mobile Mapping System, can capture accurate 3D models of interior spaces in a timely, less expensive manner than other methods like static scanners or handheld measurements. BuildingPoint Pacific provides the technical knowledge necessary to operate Facilities Mapping technology and our staff can provide trainings and product demonstrations.


Amazing accuracy of interior spaces and decreased labor costs. An operator pushes a cart containing TIMMS technology at walking speed, and the system captures 3D points and images. In conjunction with other Trimble stations, these technologies can fully map interior spaces.


  • Commercial Building Management
  • Planning & Design
  • Space Utilization
  • As-Built Modeling
  • Rapid Response
  • Public Safety
  • Renovations
  • Maintenance

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