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Improve capital project and facility performance and streamline the design-build-operate lifecycle

The soaring costs of managing construction projects and facilities management are the biggest challenges that owners face. That’s why boosting efficiencies in every phase of construction and building operation is critical.

As a building owner, you understand that success depends on accuracy and intelligence at every stage of the entire plan-design-build-operate lifecycle. You must deliver projects on time, on budget and within a forecast economic window every time—even in the face of rapidly changing market conditions. Most important, you need your real estate assets to perform as efficiently as possible. Trimble addresses these realities with a breadth of tailored solutions that deliver deep insight, from planning and design, through transactions, building occupancy and operations.

Trimble Buildings offers construction owners comprehensive solutions to confidently manage multiple construction, renovation and facilities projects within a portfolio/program/project hierarchy to efficiently execute their capital plan.

Leverage our owner solutions to harness data in order to plan, build and operate with increased efficiently and improved financial performance throughout the construction and occupation lifecycle.


The Manhattan Software portfolio includes an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) and Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) as well as Analytics, Space Scheduling and Capital Asset Planning. Manhattan solutions maximize resource utilization while reducing the total cost of occupancy across the entire facilities lifecycle.


Modelogix produces conceptual estimates based on historical data quickly and accurately. The value in your historical data will enable more predictable capital and project planning and feasibility studies.


Proliance uniquely combines capital planning, project and program management, business process management and analytics into one system of record, enabling organization to control program delivery.


SketchUp Pro is a 3D modeling, layout, visualization and communication tool that allows all professionals involved in the building process to communicate complex structures visually, streamlining collaboration.


Tekla BIMsight is BIM software for model-based project collaboration. This easy-to-use application presents all necessary building information across different construction disciplines. As an owner, you can simply access the essential building data and check the live status of the project whenever you want. Download Tekla BIMsight for free here.



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